Valentine’s Day: Truth is Golden

Nothing is more valuable on Valentine’s Day than the truth. Every year, a few group of last minute shoppers or people with no free time choose to lie about one simple little thing, the presents they bought are homemade. The lie might seem small to the person saying it, but the damage it can cause to a relationship is immeasurable as the entire trust system comes into question over just one little lie. So why lie?

People feel that homemade Valentine’s day party supplies and gifts will make their partner much happier, so why not just add a little lie, remove the price tag, and make the shiny new present a creation of their own. The whole idea is ludicrous and incredible poisonous to healthy relationships, so this year, take some time away from your schedule and really make the gift you promised you would. The lie will do nothing to help either of you, and people always find out. Truly caring about someone is always telling the truth right from the start, and admitting the truth after time has passed can be a healthy way of showing them that you are ready to be truthful next time. So this year, really take the time to make the present you said you would, or better yet, don’t lie to begin with and let your loved one know you couldn’t take the time, they are sure to understand.

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