Don’t Fear Pheromones

Whatever you think, your eyes will tell the world. So think you’re gonna rip her panties off, or may be you want to grab her crotch, spank her, think confident, whatever. Don’t say it – let your eyes do the talking. Your eyes will say it better than you can imagine. First few times it might seem awkward when you put this into practice, but you will get better and it’ll be real fun soon. If you want to improve your walk, EC, etc., try doing it when you’re not approaching. Focus only on thing at a time and you will improve fast. Verbally you don’t have to try hard – just think of being naughty and light-hearted. Learn more at

The lines will flow smoothly when you have acquired the habit of comfort. Don’t focus on too many things really. You will make mistakes – you will fumble – and you will get better, much better. It will take practice and for me it’s been only 4 weeks since I started on the direct method and I’ve had my share of failures, some of them really bad. One time 8 college girls ganged up on me for being direct and gave me such a hard time. Such incidents make me more determined to screw these “classy Indian bitches.” There are no rules – so make your own. Say you like her ass first or last, doesn’t matter – say it loud whenever it crosses your mind. This is how the “naturals” work. Be determined to succeed. Keep a smile and have lots of fun when approaching women. Women will love you. They will wish there were more guys like you even if they reject you. They will talk to their friends about you. Life will be very good. What do you get for holding on to that pheromone belief? With human pheromones, I get to feel like I am somehow on the track to doing something about it… though the truth is, when I think the thought “I need to be successful with women”, I just get closed up, clammed shut and upset with myself in front of women. I hide away. I shrink away from my life. I don’t relate to them freely and openly… oh God, yes, when I think that thought, I close up to women’s love so much that I become completely Unsuccessful with them… even if I’m sleeping with them! The thought “I need to be successful with women” makes me miserable inside and makes me unappreciative of them completely in the moment; it makes me needy of other women. It sets me off of an endless quest to have sex with more and more women, and so it makes me less appreciative of the ones in front of me; in other words, COMPLETELY unsuccessful with women, no matter what I’m doing with them! It’s an unsuccess in my own head, in my own life, in that it never satisfies me. I’m just never satisfied with women because of this thought, no matter what or how much they do. What do you fear would happen if you didn’t believe that pheromones work? That I would never have any women in my life. Can I really know that that’s true? No, I can’t. In fact, when I believe the thought “I need to be successful with women”, it’s tantamount to me having no women in my life, because I’m so invested in the future, thinking so much ahead that I don’t appreciate a single woman who is in my life!! Wow. Learn more at

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